Property Management Keys

The day of a property management team is basically guaranteed to be hectic. Scheduling inspections, managing maintenance requests, showing properties, advertising, fielding questions from tenants, arranging community events, checking if any buildings have structural or other issues — and that’s on a good day! Add the possibility for complaints, security issues, administrative tasks, or the multitude of events that can go wrong on a property or with tenants and it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed. 

SecondKeys is here to help. We get how crazy your days can be and how you’re torn between providing better customer service for one tenant or tackling the latest issue you just received. We want to give you more control of your day.

Take a deep breath. We’ve got you.

Onboard Training

We know that change can be difficult and scary, so we work hard to make user adoption of our software as simple as possible. We focus on making our software so intuitive it practically trains you while you use it. We provide training access through onboarding with Train-the-Trainer sessions, simple and comprehensive training documentation, and continuing support as your team grows and evolves. We will also be integrating bite-sized lessons throughout the application to help guide users to get the most out of their SecondKeys system. Most importantly, perhaps, we try to include the “why” in our training lessons as well as the “how” so users better understand how data entered can affect report accuracy and impacts teammates, tenants, and property owners.

Payment Processing

Reliable, reportable, and analyzable rental payment processing through the 5th-largest payment processor in the world means better visibility of payment status, less labor time and money overhead, and happier tenants as it reduces the demands on their time paying rent while providing improved security and visibility to them, too. 

Better Communication

Improved, expanded, documented, and more thorough communication with instant, automatic, event-triggered communication between your team, tenants, and vendors requiring fewer calls to and from your team. We free your team up to be more proactive instead of reactive.

Full Inspection Suite on any device.

Web Management App + iOS App + Android Apps

  • iPads & Tablets
  • iPhones & Android
  • Windows & Mac

Lease Renewals

Higher percentage of lease renewals achieved by enabling your property management team to focus more of their workday toward providing better customer service and less on repetitive and wasted administrative tasks.

Communication with Vendors

Streamlined communications makes for happier partnerships with vendors, and tenant feedback and performance transparency helps you monitor vendor performance – ensuring you and your property owners are getting the best and most cost-effective service out of your relationships. If you aren’t, we help you find the top-rated vendors in your area to replace any vendors who aren’t meeting your needs.