Keys to Smarter Property Management

Enjoy real-time insights for a constant pulse on your portfolio using our instant, paperless system. Our advantage lies in our harmonious structure and product separation. SecondKeys can be integrated into existing websites and with hundreds of business services on the market. We are committed to harmony and integration so you pay only for the software you need.
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Our three main Goals are to:

Give you more control of property management and your assets.
Make payments, complaints, and maintenance requests easier to manage and analyze.
Lower property costs through better maintenance tracking and issue prevention.

68% of tenant turnover is related to issues with maintenance.

Our mission is to eliminate all guesswork from property management by providing solutions like predictive maintenance, rent payment and reporting, end-to-end ticket tracking, real-time communication, and a qualified contractor network to help property owners and renters manage better, live better, and work better. It’s far cheaper to keep your current tenants than search for new ones. An average of $4,000 less expensive, in fact. Adding SecondKeys to your maintenance package keeps tenants happier longer.