What is SecondKeys

Effortless property management, streamlined. SecondKeys actively redefines property management by bridging the gaps between property owners, property managers, and tenants, while building better relationships and transparency through mobile communication. Our straightforward, centralized documentation system allows immediate visibility on how your maintenance requests, rent collection, and expense tracking are being handled.

SecondKeys Mobile

Constant Innovation

SecondKeys Mobile Management

We are constantly seeking better solutions and innovative products to streamline your day-to-
day operations. We know first-hand that property management can be a costly venture if done
inefficiently. Our goal is to create and improve the tools that make life easier and more
harmonious for property managers, owners, and tenants.

The History of SecondKeys

SecondKeys was designed to fix the hassles in property management and maintenance that we witnessed firsthand. Our experience in the industry exposed a lack of integration in software between property managers and contractors, leading to several frustrating phone calls and draining precious time for everyone involved. In fact, we were shocked to find that property managers generally used a complicated patchwork of software solutions to complete their daily tasks: one software for handling packages, another for community notifications, a CRM, a separate property management software, a different accounting software, and – in case that wasn’t enough – home-grown reports and Excel spreadsheets. Additionally, despite the necessity to stay attuned to tenant needs and customer service, mainstream software never allowed tenant input or provided sufficient feedback, with tickets often disappearing before the work was done…leading to even more phone calls.

The traditional property management software caused more lost time than it saved. SecondKeys was born as we solved the property management industry’s need for integration and more intuitive automation. The SecondKeys team is proud to be made up of some of the most talented developers and professionals in the real estate and software industries. Boasting over 25 years of experience in property management and over 20 years of experience in technology and software development, our team has combined our knowledge to solve daily property management issues. Our multi-pronged approach has finally delivered a software tool that simplifies operations and integrates harmoniously with other applications. So take a deep breath and say goodbye to the antiquated fiasco that used to be your status quo. We’ve got you now.

Our Partners

We’ve established partnerships with the best and biggest players in the industry.

Elavon/US Bank – We’re backed by the biggest bank in the world. Elavon is the 4th largest payment processor in the world, handling millions of payments an hour with no lag time or down time.

Google Partners – Partnering with Google, SecondKeys represents the latest in technology advancement for residential properties.

Home Advisor – With a trusted network of over 400K professionals, HomeAdvisor supports our customers with quality on-demand services.
ServiceMaster – ServiceMaster, a leading provider of home services in both the residential and commercial markets for over 100 years, is in our corner.